Q.  How do I enroll in Mabuhay Miles? 
A.  You may easily enroll online. Enrollment forms are also available at the Mabuhay Miles Service Center, Philippine Airlines Ticket Offices, Airport counters, Mabuhay Lounge, In-flight, Mabuhay Miles booths, Program Parters, and Travel Agents.

Q.  I was a PALsmiles/Mabuhay Club member. Do I need to enroll in Mabuhay Miles? 
A.  No, members of PALsmiles/Mabuhay Club have been automatically transferred to their corresponding tiers in Mabuhay Miles last 01 August 2002.  

Q.  When will I receive my permanent membership card? 
A. You shall receive your membership credentials, which includes a permanent membership card after your first valid activity. This shall be delivered to the address in your profile four (4) to six (6) weeks afterwards.

Q.  How can I access my Mabuhay Miles account online? 
A.  Simply input your 9-digit Mabuhay Miles Membership ID Number and your password, and then click “Login” in the “My Account” area. Please note that you have to register your account before you can access it online.  

Q.  Why should I register my account? 
A.  You need to register your Mabuhay Miles account for your own protection. Since you will define a password when you register your account, you can be sure that no unauthorized person has access to your account.  

Q.  I already enrolled online. Should I still register my account? 
A.  Yes. While enrollment will give you a unique Mabuhay Miles Membership ID Number, registering your account will allow you to access it online. 

Q.  How do I register my account? 
A.  In the “My Account” area, click the "Register Now" link . You shall be prompted to input your 9-digit Mabuhay Miles Membership ID Number and to define a password. You shall then be asked to choose one question from a list of hints and to identify your hint answer. You can use this if you forget your password in the future.