One-Time Free Rebooking for Mabuhay Miles Award Tickets

Philippine Airlines and Mabuhay Miles is allowing a one-time free rebooking for international Mabuhay Miles award tickets redeemed on or before 31 March 2020 in consideration for passengers in this time of Covid-19.

Passengers who wish to avail of this free rebooking should process request at least seven (7) days before their original flight departure date. Rebooked award ticket may be used for travel at any time, within the ticket validity.

Rebooking may be done by calling the Reservations Hotline (+63 2) 8855 8888, or by visiting the nearest PAL ticketing office.

Penalties and charges may apply for succeeding rebooking.


  • Does the free rebooking cover ALL Mabuhay Miles Award tickets issued on or before 31 March 2020? For example, an Award ticket issued last 20 December 2019 for original travel 10 April 2020 will be rebooked to 10 May 2020 is entitled to one-time free rebooking?

- Yes, even Award tickets issued last year 2019 until 31 March 2020 can be rebooked free of charge provided change should be made at least 7 days before original departure date.

  • Can we allow rerouting?

- Yes, Rerouting of an Award ticket is allowed provided that new routing is within the award zone (e.i MNLYVRMNL to MNLLAXMNL) by collecting applicable tax difference, if any.

  • Will this apply for tickets that were rebooked in the past?

- Yes, if passenger rebooked and paid for the change fee in the past, he can again rebook one time free of charge. Succeeding rebooking, penalties may apply.

  • My Award ticket was issued August 2019 for travel October 2019 and I did not show up for this flight, can I avail of this one time rebooking free?

- No, this one time rebooking free applies for future travel not past date.

  • Is this applicable for totally unused Award ticket only?

- This is applicable for both totally and partially used Award tickets.