Privacy Policy

1. Upon enrollment in the program, or by becoming a member of the Mabuhay Miles Program or for those who are already Members, by performing membership acts subsequent to any update or amendments published at the Mabuhay Miles website, you hereby agree to this Privacy Policy and its amendments.

2. Mabuhay Miles receives and stores specific data or information from its Members and enrollees in the course of any Activity involving the Mabuhay Miles program. In these instances, Mabuhay Miles may collect and keep the data or information, such as but not limited to the following:

  • Name 
  • Company and company address 
  • Residence Address 
  • Email address 
  • Telephone or Mobile Phone Number 
  • Fax Number 
  • Other Personal Information

3. When personally identifiable information is provided, Member, by enrolling in the Program, agrees that Mabuhay Miles reserves the right, to send you bulletins, promotion and marketing e-mails or e-newsletters and other important information about the Mabuhay Miles Program and its partners.

4. Mabuhay Miles shall keep the Member’s information strictly confidential. However, it reserves the right to divulge such information (i) to cooperate fully with any official governmental investigation and/or (ii) to protect and enforce PAL proprietary and legal rights.

5. Mabuhay Miles Membership and this Privacy Policy are governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines without regard to the place of residence of the Member, the place of access, the place of disclosure of the information, or the place of enrollment.

6. Each Mabuhay Miles Member hereby acknowledges and agrees that receipt of any personal information from the Member shall be considered fully received only once the same is processed and stored at the Mabuhay Miles located in the Philippines. For all intents and purposes, the location of all Membership information shall be the Philippines.

7. Mabuhay Miles also reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. It shall be the responsibility of each Member to review this policy from time to time. Mabuhay Miles shall endeavor to notify the Members of any substantial change in this policy. Notification by email through the email address provided by the Member and/or posting of such notice at the Mabuhay Miles website is hereby agreed to constitute sufficient notice to the Member. For any subsequent changes to this policy, the same shall be binding provided the notice requirement stated herein is complied with. In any event, the Member agrees that there shall be no dispute in the sufficiency of the notice and any amendment to the policy shall be considered ratified by the Member if the member uses the Mabuhay Miles website or performs or initiates acts only available to Mabuhay Miles Members.

V.         Incorporation by Reference 1.         All the terms and conditions governing arrangements with Etihad Airways shall be incorporated herein by reference. It is the Member’s sole and primary duty and responsibility to check the Mabuhay Miles terms and conditions from time to time regarding Etihad Airways arrangements.