Mabuhay Miles PREMIER ELITE Membership

Annual Qualification:

(from January 01 - December 31 of each year)  

Achieve any of the following on eligible tickets: 

  • Earn 45,000 Tier/Flight Miles on Philippine Airlines and Code-Share flights
  • Fly 50 one-way qualifying flights on any class of service on Philippine Airlines and Code-Share flights
  • Fly 25 one-way qualifying flights on Business Class on Philippine Airlines and Code-Share flights

Tier-based bonus accrual of Miles  

You'll receive a 75% bonus on actual distance flown traveling to and from USA, Canada and London on Philippine Airlines. For all other Philippine Airlines and PAL Express-operated flights, you'll receive a 25% bonus on actual distance flown.


Lounge Access 
You may relax in comfort prior to your flight departure in Mabuhay Lounges as well as participating VIP Lounges at selected international airports when traveling on Philippine Airlines, PAL Express and selected Philippine Airlines Code-share flights using a Philippine Airlines ticket. You may even bring a traveling companion along. Premier Elite members may also enjoy a 15% discount at Mrs. Fields outlet in NAIA Terminal 3 (Departure Area), upon presentation of a valid Premier Elite membership card. 

Priority check-in, boarding, luggage handling  

You may check-in, board the plane, and collect luggage ahead of others on Philippine Airlines and PAL Express.  

Priority Airport Standby

If you're on standby for a fully booked Philippine Airlines or PAL Express flights at the airport, you'll be given a higher priority for a seat on the next available flight. 

Additional Luggage Allowance 

You'll receive an additional luggage allowance of thirty (30) kgs flying on Philippine Airlines (except to/from USA, Canada, London, Middle East, Japan, and Guam) and PAL Express flights. You may also carry one (1) extra piece of luggage (based on your ticket's class of service) when flying to and from USA, Canada, London, Middle East, Japan, and Guam on Philippine Airlines.
*Selected Privileges may be extended on Airline Partners

Upgrade Travel Certificates  

You'll earn 2 Upgrade Travel Certificates (UTCs) upon accruing 45,000 Tier Miles within the calendar year, plus 2 additional certificates for every 25,000 Flight Miles accrued on Philippine Airlines flights and PAL Express flights (within the same qualifying period). You can use these UTCs on Philippine Airlines and PAL Express flights. You may also transfer these certificates to your traveling or non-traveling companion.  UTCs may be used in conjunction with an eligible revenue ticket that allows upgrade under any of the booking class codes (BCC) below. 

Please be reminded of the following:

Certain BCCs may not be eligible for upgrade against a  UTC. Please validate if the booked BCC is eligible for  UTC, prior to purchase of your revenue tickets thru the PAL Website, Reservations, Ticket Office or Mabuhay Miles Service Center.

-Eligible BCCs against Upgrade Travel Certificates for Domestic flights (Economy class to Premium Economy class upgrade): Y / S / L / M 

-Eligible BCCs against Upgrade Travel Certificates for Domestic flights (Premium Economy class to Business class upgrade): W / N 

-Eligible BCCs against Upgrade Travel Certificate for International flights are: Y / S / L / M / H / Q. Middle East flights are not available for an upgrade against UTC at this time. 

-Eligible BCCs may be changed without prior notice.

Note: Passengers who are confirmed for an upgrade against UTC for their London - Manila flight shall be assessed the applicable APD (UK Airport Passenger Duty) tax upon check-in at the airport.  

How to use the Upgrade Travel Certificate (UTC):  
  1. The Member and/or beneficiary is required to call Mabuhay Miles Service Center, PAL Reservations and/or Ticket Offices to have their names listed on the flight they intend to take. Please click here for the contact details.   
  2. A Premier Elite Member may have his/her upgrade (based on UTCs) confirmed three (3) days* prior flight departure, subject to seat availability. The upgrade for beneficiaries, regardless of tier status, can be confirmed a day* prior flight departure, subject to availability of seats. UTCs booked and confirmed other than thru MMSC, PAL Reservations and/or Ticket Offices shall not be honored.  PAL does not guarantee specific seat requests and the loading of special meals for passengers using UTCs. 
  3. For a Member who does not call, upgrade will be confirmed at the airport on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of seats. 
  4.  The original UTC must be surrendered upon check-in otherwise the passenger shall be denied the requested upgrade.  
  5. A Member, who endorses a UTC to a Beneficiary who will not be traveling with him/her, must require the Beneficiary to present the following upon check-in: 
    • Original UTC, duly accomplished and signed by the Member
    • Clear photocopy of the Member’s valid photo ID with signature
  6. A Member who has a confirmed UTC upgrade shall not be eligible for involuntary upgrade.

*Effective September 1, 2016

Note: Above privileges, conditions and procedures are subject to change without prior notice.