Convert your Frequent Shopper Program Points (FSP) E-Purse to Mabuhay Miles

Rustan’s Department Store remains to be the premier retail destination for many of the world’s most prestigious brands and merchandise. With decades of giving Filipinos the best service and experiences, Rustan’s continues to give the finest there is. 

Alongside Rustan’s is the FSP or Frequent Shoppers Program designed to reward the most loyal customers. Through the years FSP has introduced exciting offers, exclusive events and most recently an app designed to complement the shopping experience in an ever changing time.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Visit the Main Customer Service Counter in the Rustan’s participating stores to convert your FSP E-Purse to Mabuhay Miles
  2. Fill out the Points Conversion Form (PCF) in triplicate copy
  3. Customer Service Representative (CSR) from the Rustan’s participating store checks the following:
    • Complete and correct PCF details
    • Validity of ID with picture
    • Sufficiency of FSP E-Purse to cover the transactions
  4. Once details are validated, CSR shall deduct the E-Purse using the FSP System
  5. CSR shall then credit the equivalent miles using the Mabuhay Miles Partner Portal
  6. Store staff shall give a copy of the accomplished and verified PCF as a confirmation of points conversion

* All points earned until December 31, 2017 shall expire on March 31, 2019.

Participating Stores: