Get up to 30,000 Miles when you open a Security Bank USD Time Deposit account

All Access accountholders who open USD Time Deposit accounts will be rewarded with Mabuhay Miles.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Promo is valid from March 15 to May 30, 2019.

2. Promo is open to new and existing Security Bank All Access accountholders (“Qualified Clients”).

3. To join the Promo, Qualified Clients must:

4. Qualified Clients will be given Philippine Airlines (PAL) Mabuhay Miles depending on their USD Time Deposit amount:

Minimum USD Time Deposit Placement



100 Mabuhay Miles


500 Mabuhay Miles


5,000 Mabuhay Miles


15,000 Mabuhay Miles


30,000 Mabuhay Miles

5. Clients must have an existing Mabuhay Miles account to qualify for the reward.

6. The rewards will be credited to the Qualified Client’s Mabuhay Miles account after 15 banking days from their USD Time Deposit placement.

7. Qualified Clients can open as many USD Time Deposit deals and accumulate the corresponding miles equivalent as possible, provided that the amounts deposited are fresh funds and within the promo period.

8. The USD Time Deposit funds deposited for the promo will be put on hold for the full 180-day term from the time of deposit.

9. Should a client decide to withdraw the amount or close the USD Time Deposit account before the end of the 180-day term, Security Bank will deduct the equivalent monetary value of the Miles awarded from the USD Time Deposit proceeds, on top of the existing pre-termination charges.

10. This promo cannot be availed in conjunction with the other Time Deposit promos of Security Bank.

11. Applicable interest board rates will apply. The interest amount (net of withholding tax) will be credited separately to the corresponding USD Time Deposit account upon maturity.

12. Corporate accounts are not eligible to join the promo.

13. All Participating Products are subject to existing policies and procedures of the bank including, but not limited to the following:

14. Miles will not be given/awarded to clients who have KYC/account opening documentary deficiencies.

15. Travel Awards shall be governed by the Mabuhay Miles Terms and Conditions; carriage and other related services performed by PAL are subject to the PAL’s Condition of Contract and the General Conditions of Carriage and Tariff Regulations as approved by the government authorities.

16. All questions and dispute with respect to the promo shall be resolved by the Bank, and any decision shall be binding and conclusive on the Qualified Clients.