Your Miles can now get you more rewards with Giftaway!

Giftaway is a new online redemption program that will allow the members to use their Miles to redeem items, foods or other goods from over 3,000 stores/establishments/restaurants nationwide. Members can also use their Miles to redeem gifts for their loved ones.

How to Redeem: 

  1. Visit the Giftaway Mabuhay Miles Website at https://miles.giftaway.ph
  2. Choose your eGift
  3. Proceed to check-out

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who are qualified to redeem eGifts?

2. How much Miles do I need to redeem?

3. Can I redeem with cash and Miles?

4. How will the Miles be deducted?

5. Can I redeem an eGift for others?

6. What are the other features of Giftaway?

7. How would I know if I made a successful redemption?

8. Who do I contact if I did not receive the eGift?

9. Who do I contact when there is an error in the miles deducted in my account?

Terms and Conditions: 

1. eGifts from this program have no expiration and can be used to pay for products/services at the chosen establishment. 

2. eGifts cannot be exchanged cash or another eGift. 

3. Miles deducted can no longer be credited back to member's Mabuhay Miles account.

4. eGift selection of establishments and denominations may change without prior notice. 

5. Mabuhay Miles member is responsible for the safekeeping of his/her account password, eGift code, and other items related to this program. 

6. Redemption is until March 23, 2019 only.

7. Mabuhay Miles and Giftaway are not responsible for eGift stores that may have closed. 

8. For Mabuhay Miles account concerns, please contact the Mabuhay Miles number at (+632) 855-8888 or email mabuhaymiles@philippineairlines.com for assistance. 

9. For eGift-related concerns, please contact support@giftaway.ph

10. Giftaway terms and conditions apply. 

11. Mabuhay Miles Terms and Conditions apply.