This website is best viewed with Internet Explorer Version 5.0  or higher. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, the site may not be displayed as designed. You will need to upgrade your browser.

How do I upgrade my browser?

Simply click on the following link.
Download Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher

I am trying to download a file from your website. Nothing seems to happen. Why can't I download the file?

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to properly download files from this website. To install and download, click link below.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

I keep clicking a link in your website. Nothing happens. What do I do?

Either of two things :

  1. You may have previously opened that window. Check the task bar at the bottom of your screen. If it is indeed open, click on it and window will open. Or,
  2. Our site provides links to other sites that will open in a separate pop-up window. If you have disabled pop-up windows, you will not be able to display the pop-ups of these links. Make sure that your internet settings allow display of these pop-ups.

The texts of the webpages in your site are too small. Can I change the setting?

For best screen display, our site has been designed with the 1024x768 pixels setting. To check or change your display settings, simply follow these simple steps :

  1. On your desktop, click the "My Computer" icon.
  2. Click "Control Panel" icon.
  3. The "Display Properties" window will be displayed. Click "Settings" tab.
  4. Locate the "Screen Area" option. To change the setting, simply scroll the screen area button left or right to adjust the screen area size.
  5. Click "OK" button.

What is "cache" and how do I manage this?

The cache is a storage space in your PC where temporary internet files are written and stored everytime you browse the internet. It is strongly recommended that you empty your cache and delete these files regularly. To empty the cache, do the following : 

  1. In the menu bar of your IE, click "Tools".
  2. Click "Internet Options".
  3. Locate "Temporary Internet Files" and click "Delete Files".
  4. A small pop-up will appear, check "Delete all offline content".
  5. Click "OK".
  6. You may need to delete cookies also. Click "Delete Cookies".
  7. Click "OK".
  8. Close Internet Options window.
  9. Refresh the page.


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